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About King Building, Inc.

Randy King of King Building, Inc.At King Building, Inc. with our "Life Style Design Approach" we have put together a great team to take care of your needs and design for that special home for you.  Randy King our President has over 25 years as an owner in the home building industry.  Our Companies site superintendent has over 25 years in construction management experience in the home building industry.  The plan designer has over 20 years experience and our office manager has over 15 years experience in scheduling the construction of your new home, walk thru's during construction and the warranty of your new home after completion.  We also provide a professional decorator for additional assistance in the building process of you new home.

Builder History

King Building is the 2012 American Dream Grand Award Winner! Randy King, President and his partner made it their charter goal to construct competitively priced homes with consistent superior quality, energy efficiency and unique design. Today, almost 25 years and hundreds of homes later that belief still holds true. In 2011 Pfeifer King separated its interests into two new building companies.

Randy is continuing with the same philosophy and award winning homes that has graced the company's distinguished history. That history started with the American Dream Award on the Parade of Homes in 1991, capturing the attention of both the public and its competitors. This recognition, from peers and the public alike, truly marked a pinnacle of the companies building achievement and paved the way for the next generation of homes. Call Randy today to start building your dream home!